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Singing Chair / Sound Chair


The well-tried Singing chair, you sit well protected inside the resonance body and the vibration spreads softly over your body into your fingertips. The backrest is stringed with each 20(30) blanc and 20(30) wound strings that are tuned in one octave difference. Sounding furniture and natural acustics by feeltone.

Furniture to be felt and heard
Furniture you can not only sit in but listen to.
Therapeutic instrument with a functional purpose.
Furniture that gives you a sound massage. An instrument you can sit in for wellness, therapy and relaxation.
A beautiful addition to any office, music or living room.

While sitting in the Singing Chair you are sitting in the resonance sphere of a monochord. You will experience the sound and vibration throughout your body: upper and lower back, thighs and even in the palms of your hands. The „ears“ of the chair create a special resonance chamber. The two armrests can be moved in different positions and the ball to rest the hand, giving the whole arm the sound massage. The back of the singing chair has two wheels to make the chair easy to manuever.

The back of the Singing chair is strung with blank and sponn strings which are tuned with one octave in between. They can be tuned differently by using the additional bridges from the Monochord. This instrument allows an unlimited exploration of sound.

The full body experience of sound and vibration allows you to relax and the massage allows you to become aware of many different tensions in the body which can be transformed into relaxation, realisation and change. This learning experience brings the outside feeling inside.

Important: Because the experience of sound and vibration can activate strong emotional reactions it is highly recommended to be attentive to the client experiencing the sound chair.
Since Boing introduced the Singing chair in 2003, we have been constantly adding accessories to this wonderful Instrument. You can find the latest ideas and suggestions at In the future, Boing will also host an open forum on their website dedicated to the usage of the singing chair.

Data to the KLST-1:
2 x 20 strings, sound range b - d‘ / b‘- d‘‘. Overall dimension 44 x 20 x 25.2 ", Seat measure inside 18.4" x 13.2", backrest measure inside 31.2" x 18.4"

Data to the KLST-2:
2 x 30 strings, sound range B - d / b - d‘. Overall dimension 56 x 24 x 32 ", Seat measure inside 22" x 16", backrest measure inside 38.8" x 22"

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Klangstühle mit Kissen
Sound Chair, for small people
2x 20 strings, sound range b - d‘ / b‘- d‘‘', 44 x 20 x 25.2 inch
Art. Nr.: KLST-1
Eingebaute Transportrollen
Sound Chair, for large people
2x 30 strings, sound range B - d / b - d‘, 56 x 24 x 32 inch
Art. Nr.: KLST-2